Spin Magazine’s Take On IamSu!’s Latest Mixtape “KILT”

Spin Magazine‘s take on the rising Bay Area rap star IamSu! and his latest mixtape “KILT“.

LoveRance’s “UP!” is currently number four on Billboard’s R&B/Hip-Hop chart, with a rather curious “featuring” credit: “LoveRance featuring Iamsu! & Skipper or 50 Cent.” “UP!” was a minor hit last summer and began sneaking onto radio playlists in the fall. It seemed of a piece with Chris Brown’s similarly spare “Strip.” Then, Tyga’s “Rack City” arrived and brought with it a sudden, nationwide demand for minimalist hip-hop. DJs began mixing “UP!” with “Rack City,” “Strip,” Drake’s “The Motto,” and anything else that was the opposite of maximalist Lex Luger’s once-vital, now tedious slam-bam-glitch bangers….

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